Monday, April 16, 2012

Who's the Candidate, Mitt or Ann?

Oh, please!

Here's  a link to one of the most obviously cynical attempts to fool the gullible public in the 2012 presidential campaign.

Last week Ann Romney made big points by ridiculing the idiot who publicly rebuked her for not working a day in her life.

Today she made a fool of herself by saying that the dog loved riding on top of the car back in the "80's.

Anyone who has loved a dog knows how excited that animal friend can get when he/she sees the pet carrier, knowing that it's not going to be left behind.  But how pleasantly excited would any creature still be when finding itself strapped to the top of a car travelling at highway speeds, with the noise of 18 wheelers, buses and traffic in general accosting it from all sides, with no possibility of escape?

The full story has it that the dog shit all over the car.  Ann somehow left that part out.

Hey Ann, tell us again how much the dog loved it.

She admitted that this story is giving Mitt the most trouble in his run for president. It won't be long before her MS and Mitt's support of her in that devastating and still incurable illness is introduced in a cynical attempt to paint her husband as a caring person. 

Disclosure:  My  oldest son is in the advanced stages of MS.  It's horrible. And stress exacerbates the symptoms.  Yet Mitt is running for president, and, if successful, his wife, Ann, will experience the ultimate in spousal stress, the  wife of the  President of the United States.

So Mitt. how narcissistic can you get?  And Ann, how much sacrifice of your integrity and your health are you willing to make?