Sunday, January 22, 2012

Scalia On Citizens United Decision

Here's SCJ Antonin Scalia's comment to people, like me, who disdain the Supreme's decision to open the flood gates for corporations to use their funds, the largest of them usually publicly owned, with no limit and no accountability as to their sources, to sponsor candidates for public office:  Turn off the TV.

What a condescending wise-ass crack!  And we are supposed to respect  him as a Supreme Court Justice.

It is, in fact, a travesty of justice.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kathleen Parker Says It All

----though we are all sinners, we are not all running for president of the United States. Gingrich’s sins of the flesh ultimately are of less importance than the narcissism and grandiosity that compel his actions.

 Here's her column on Gingrich, deserving of a full read.


The Wizard of Newt

Charles Blow pulls back the curtain on the Wizard of Newt here.

Gingrich is running a clinic on how to stir up  hate.
He unleashes a crazed crowd and causes a feeding frenzy for that in South Carolina.


Almost But Not Quite

Gail Collins almost makes me not miss Molly Ivins. Almost.

Read Collins' column on Gingrich here.

What a sleaze he is!!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Important Story on the Perfidy of Likud Israel and AIPAC

It's rare to find a credible source for revealing clearly perfidious actions on the part of the far right Likud thugs in Israel and their American agents, AIPAC.  Juan Cole is such a source.  I don't yet know who Mark Perry is (I will check him out), however, since he is credited with being Juan Cole's source here it's likely he is a reliable one.

Likud and AIPAC are responsible for giving Israel a black eye in the minds of many Americans.  What's really disturbing is the lack of push back by any recent American administration, of either party,  engendering tacit approval of these anti-American organizations. As Cole observes the GOPher presidential wannabees seem eager to kiss the asses of these guys. 

How long Lord, how long? 


He Gets It

Tom Toles, the WaPo cartoonist, gets it here in his Friday Rant blog post, and hopes the voters finally will too.

It's all about the taxes stupid.  No, not you; it's the gullible public.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Send In The Clowns

Don't bother, they're here.

And this guy says he's ready to be president on day one?
I don't think so.

He sticks his foot in his mouth without any help from others.
Voters should stick a foot in his other orifice.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our Politicians: For Sale By Owner

Update Below.

Please read Bill McKibbon's piece here about the need to go from being just a disgusted cynic to being an angry activist, or at least a supporter of those who are.

This is what the Occupy movement is all about, being an angry activist.  However if you're like me, not about to do what they do, live in tents and endure all manner of difficulties which accompany doing that, at least don't disparage them, as the 1% and their servile public servants want you to do.

Recent articles have revealed that members of Congress are, by and large, quite wealthy.  Even better off financially are former members of Congress who have become lobbyists and/or speechifiers, like Palin and Santorum.

Something in the Bible has it that the poor we will always have with us.  Same goes for the rich.  But at least we can support those who are active on our behalf in working to reign in the damage the rich are doing at the expense of the poor. That should include kicking the whores of both parties out of office.

Before we can do that though we need to fight, or at least support those who fight for us, to reverse the Supremes' Citizens United decision.  That reversal will be necessary if we have any chance to elect presidents and members of Congress who are honest, genuine public servants, not on the take, not expecting to be private servants of their personal pimps, big corporations like Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Banks and the like.

I've been calling D.C. the home of the Elected Mafia for quite awhile now.  It's an  apt label for those who essentially live by the practices of extortion, protection money(racketeering), bribery and payoffs.  Elliot Ness used to put them in jail for tax evasion when he couldn't put them in jail for their other crimes.

Who will be our Elliot Ness? I had hoped Elizabeth Warren would get that job, but alas, she frightened the GOPhers so much they had to blackball her.  Pity.  We need her, or someone like her, now.

Surviving specimen of
a homo sapien species
long thought to be extinct.

Update:  Here's Mitt Romney's public statement about the need to be rich when running for office.

Friday, January 6, 2012

All In One Place

I found the issues I find troublesome in the Obama administration all in one place, in Glenn Greenwald's current post at

You can find them in the fifth paragraph(not counting the paragraphs written by others whom he quotes).

Check them out here.

Update:  Greenwald's point is that there is essentially so little difference between Obama and Romney on these issues that they won't be debated by the two men who are likely to be the contestants in the 2012 election contest.

Am I going to vote for Obama?  Of course.  I'd rather disagree with him and  hope for change in these issues than risk the chance of a GOPher in the White House.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Talk About Creeps-----!!

This one also speaks for itself.

What a world!!!


They Deserve Each Other

Speaks for itself.


"I find him by far the creepiest of the lot. "

Update III Below.

Update II Below.

Update Below.

Describing Rick Santorum, one of the current front runners in the GOPher
race to become that party's  presidential candidate,
Kevin Drum of Mother Jones says it best.

"------I find him by far the creepiest of the lot.".

Me too.  Others are clowns, but Santorum's the real deal in the world of creep.   
Why, because it seems he really believes the shit he spouts.  At least
you know where he stands on big issues, and his stance is the most
frightening and the creepiest of them all.

Read Drum's "Onward American Soldiers" post here.

A frightening creep; that pretty much sums up Santorum.

Remind me to put Iowa on my list of places not to live. 
According to a pie chart I saw recently its demographics
show it to be about 90% white, and from all recent appearances,
is the Mecca of the North for Christian Evangelicals,
among the most frightening and creepiest of all in the
world of demagoguery. 

I find Israel to be a frightening and creepy place, the penultimate
of anachronistic cultures, in defining itself as a Jewish State;
which, at least today, apparently means treating anyone not Jewish as
second class citizens at best, and fair game for the far right Likudniks
and Ultra Orthodox Jews at worst. No melting pot, multi-culturalism there.

Perhaps it's like that in Iowa.  It seems to see itself as a
White Protestant Evangelical State, likely exhibiting a similar
intolerance for any who don't conform to that narrow world view.

The hard to dismiss evidence is found in Santorum's public statements
quoted, in part, by Kevin Drum in his post.
While other GOPher presidential wannabees pander to
whatever audience they address at any given time, my fear is that
Santorum really believes what he says.

Someone like that should never be permitted to live in the White House.
That would be truly creepy and, to say the least, frightening.


Update:  I just remembered that Iowa legalized gay marriage.  I have to amend my statements about the state being the home of so many Christian Evangelicals to make the observation that the Iowa GOPher party is the home to so many Christian Evangelicals.

Update II   Back to Santorum as the creepiest of them   all, here's another example.  What's sticking in this guy's craw that's making him support such nasty positions?  Unfeeling logic activated and nourished by Big  Insurance extortion?

Refer to my post titled Politicians; Bought and Paid For, 1/7/12 for more on politicians on the take.

Update III  Just in case you'd like another example of Santorum's world view which gives me the creeps, check this out.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Who Knows?

Robert Reich predicts that Biden and Hillary will switch roles before the 2012 election.  Don't know if Hillary would go for it, but wouldn't that make for an interesting election?  Biden is no draw when it comes to impressing the electorate, but Hillary?  Could be a game changer.

Read what Reich has to say here .



This Excites Me

Here is a short essay by Martin Rees, well known astronomer, on some of the mysteries of the Universe.

I get so excited reading such works that I'm always sad when I've come to their end. 


The Best Description of 2011

The Festival of Sleaze.  That's what Dave Barry calls the year we just survived.

Have you ever seen a more apt description of our current public figure creep show?


One Of My Favorites: NIcholas Kristof's Columns

Here's a perfect example of why I like Nicholas Kristof's columns in the NY Times. 

Bet you will too, if you don't already.