Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our Politicians: For Sale By Owner

Update Below.

Please read Bill McKibbon's piece here about the need to go from being just a disgusted cynic to being an angry activist, or at least a supporter of those who are.

This is what the Occupy movement is all about, being an angry activist.  However if you're like me, not about to do what they do, live in tents and endure all manner of difficulties which accompany doing that, at least don't disparage them, as the 1% and their servile public servants want you to do.

Recent articles have revealed that members of Congress are, by and large, quite wealthy.  Even better off financially are former members of Congress who have become lobbyists and/or speechifiers, like Palin and Santorum.

Something in the Bible has it that the poor we will always have with us.  Same goes for the rich.  But at least we can support those who are active on our behalf in working to reign in the damage the rich are doing at the expense of the poor. That should include kicking the whores of both parties out of office.

Before we can do that though we need to fight, or at least support those who fight for us, to reverse the Supremes' Citizens United decision.  That reversal will be necessary if we have any chance to elect presidents and members of Congress who are honest, genuine public servants, not on the take, not expecting to be private servants of their personal pimps, big corporations like Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Banks and the like.

I've been calling D.C. the home of the Elected Mafia for quite awhile now.  It's an  apt label for those who essentially live by the practices of extortion, protection money(racketeering), bribery and payoffs.  Elliot Ness used to put them in jail for tax evasion when he couldn't put them in jail for their other crimes.

Who will be our Elliot Ness? I had hoped Elizabeth Warren would get that job, but alas, she frightened the GOPhers so much they had to blackball her.  Pity.  We need her, or someone like her, now.

Surviving specimen of
a homo sapien species
long thought to be extinct.

Update:  Here's Mitt Romney's public statement about the need to be rich when running for office.

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