Thursday, January 5, 2012

"I find him by far the creepiest of the lot. "

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Describing Rick Santorum, one of the current front runners in the GOPher
race to become that party's  presidential candidate,
Kevin Drum of Mother Jones says it best.

"------I find him by far the creepiest of the lot.".

Me too.  Others are clowns, but Santorum's the real deal in the world of creep.   
Why, because it seems he really believes the shit he spouts.  At least
you know where he stands on big issues, and his stance is the most
frightening and the creepiest of them all.

Read Drum's "Onward American Soldiers" post here.

A frightening creep; that pretty much sums up Santorum.

Remind me to put Iowa on my list of places not to live. 
According to a pie chart I saw recently its demographics
show it to be about 90% white, and from all recent appearances,
is the Mecca of the North for Christian Evangelicals,
among the most frightening and creepiest of all in the
world of demagoguery. 

I find Israel to be a frightening and creepy place, the penultimate
of anachronistic cultures, in defining itself as a Jewish State;
which, at least today, apparently means treating anyone not Jewish as
second class citizens at best, and fair game for the far right Likudniks
and Ultra Orthodox Jews at worst. No melting pot, multi-culturalism there.

Perhaps it's like that in Iowa.  It seems to see itself as a
White Protestant Evangelical State, likely exhibiting a similar
intolerance for any who don't conform to that narrow world view.

The hard to dismiss evidence is found in Santorum's public statements
quoted, in part, by Kevin Drum in his post.
While other GOPher presidential wannabees pander to
whatever audience they address at any given time, my fear is that
Santorum really believes what he says.

Someone like that should never be permitted to live in the White House.
That would be truly creepy and, to say the least, frightening.


Update:  I just remembered that Iowa legalized gay marriage.  I have to amend my statements about the state being the home of so many Christian Evangelicals to make the observation that the Iowa GOPher party is the home to so many Christian Evangelicals.

Update II   Back to Santorum as the creepiest of them   all, here's another example.  What's sticking in this guy's craw that's making him support such nasty positions?  Unfeeling logic activated and nourished by Big  Insurance extortion?

Refer to my post titled Politicians; Bought and Paid For, 1/7/12 for more on politicians on the take.

Update III  Just in case you'd like another example of Santorum's world view which gives me the creeps, check this out.


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Anonymous said...

You might get an argument about Santorum being the “Creepiest of the lot”. Really America is this the best we can do? This must be the worst line up of Presidential contenders in our lifetimes. Newt Gingrich? Mitt Romney? Michael Bachmann? Give us a break are these really the best we can come up with? Personally I like some of the things that Ron Paul says but he is too much of a crank to really be elected President.
Huntsman made a good impression on one of the short interviews that I saw but his numbers are so low that it ain’t going to happen.
The real problem is that our nation’s wealth (and freedoms) are slipping away to the already really wealthy. Those with more want it all, and they cannot stop themselves from stepping on anyone or any thing that gets in their way. The Presidential contenders are a side show to this.
Thanks for all you do.

Old Dude