Thursday, October 11, 2012

Strong Leaders

Here's an article in the NYT today about Romney being seen as a strong leader.

There have been many strong leaders is the history of civilization. Some were
evil.   Hitler was a strong leader.

Too often people will believe lies when the leader appears strong.


This Says It All

Here's a piece from Joe Klein which explains it all, why Obama blew it at the first debate.

It scares me, a lot.  He hates confrontation.  I do too, but there are times ---------------.

Obama is president of the United States.  He has got to be political right now,
call out Romney for the charlatan he is, drive home the point of Romney's disdain
for half of all Americans, be specific with each lie and call him out as a liar trying
to mislead the American public.

Essentially, bullies are cowards, and usually back down when the guy being bullied
stands up and fights back.

I know that Obama has been criticized a lot by his own people.  Lets hope
he stiffens his spin, gets in the game and fights back.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

America"s Imperialism/Militarism DNA

Here is Tom Englelhardt's essay on American Imperialism/Militarism,  describing it as if it is in America's DNA, which is so dominant that it can't help itself.

It should be must reading for all citizens, at least those who vote.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This Could Be Big

Iran has asked for trouble today with this.

And "this" could be big, if not huge, in world

Netanyahu must be thrilled.  Romney must be licking his chops.

How and when will Obama respond?  Soon I hope, and with
straight forward, unequivocal language about Iran's intentions being a
real threat to peace in the Middle East.

This is an escalation on Iran's part.  Up until now they
have maintained that they are working on Uranium for
power generation purposes only.

Curious what you all think about this.
I am no war monger, but this puts Obama
in a tight spot.  Almost seems like Netanyahu
is in cahoots with Iran to embarrass Obama.
It's been  clear that Netanyahu wants Romney
to become president.