Saturday, January 14, 2012

Important Story on the Perfidy of Likud Israel and AIPAC

It's rare to find a credible source for revealing clearly perfidious actions on the part of the far right Likud thugs in Israel and their American agents, AIPAC.  Juan Cole is such a source.  I don't yet know who Mark Perry is (I will check him out), however, since he is credited with being Juan Cole's source here it's likely he is a reliable one.

Likud and AIPAC are responsible for giving Israel a black eye in the minds of many Americans.  What's really disturbing is the lack of push back by any recent American administration, of either party,  engendering tacit approval of these anti-American organizations. As Cole observes the GOPher presidential wannabees seem eager to kiss the asses of these guys. 

How long Lord, how long? 


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