Sunday, January 22, 2012

Scalia On Citizens United Decision

Here's SCJ Antonin Scalia's comment to people, like me, who disdain the Supreme's decision to open the flood gates for corporations to use their funds, the largest of them usually publicly owned, with no limit and no accountability as to their sources, to sponsor candidates for public office:  Turn off the TV.

What a condescending wise-ass crack!  And we are supposed to respect  him as a Supreme Court Justice.

It is, in fact, a travesty of justice.



Anonymous said...

It is just such an obvious travesty that has been allowed to happen in our Country. Can we really believe that our Founding Fathers wanted to be sure that big money should be given more of a voice than ordinary citizens? Who in their right mind thinks that will lead to a level playing field? As far as the idea that “People are not stupid, if they don’t like something they will turn off the television.” In what world is Scalia living? What a blow hard.

Old Dude

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...

Old Dude,

No one believes it will lead to a level playing field. Those who need it know they are screwed, and those who screw them do so with the ultimate in cynicism.

The Founding Fathers left big money rule in England, the monarchy, and their efforts were directed at trying to insure that big money would not rule in America.

The irony to me is in the reality that big money rule is Social Darwinism, survival of the fittest, but the far right religious evangelical supporters of the GOPher's pandering to big money reject Evolution Darwinism, in favor of their God who they believe inserts himself into the affairs of men. God is their king.