Thursday, December 6, 2007

No Religious Test for President

Romney stated the obvious today apparently, that there is no religious test for being president. I doubt any would disagree with that, but that doesn't stop voters from evaluating candidates based on personal and subjective preferences.

I have not read the Book of Mormon, but some have written lately, without being shot down, that a Mormon belief is that the Garden of Eden is in Missouri. Of course it's not. Everyone knows it's in Mid-Coast, Maine.

Perhaps Romney doesn't buy everything written in the Book of Mormon. In fact an awful lot of folks see that the truth in the Book of Genesis, is not in its purported statements of historical fact, but in its morality plays, revealing the flaws of both men and women.

But a psychiatrist named Amen(I kid you not) apparently thinks that candidates should have brain scans as a test for office. Now I can get behind that idea, however creepy it sounds. And also how about an IQ test?

I don't care what religion a candidate believes in, but I do care if they have some smarts.

Here's a question they might be asked: Where was the Garden of Eden? It's not a religious question, it's an IQ question. If one or more answered "Missouri", personally, I'd like to have that information before I voted, wouldn't you?

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