Sunday, May 17, 2009

Obama Reneges on His Passionate Campaign Promises

Here's the Sunday Times editorial on Obama's apparent backing of Bush era detainee policies.

Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd address the issue as well, here and here.

Two years ago I wrote about not expecting much if any difference regardless of who was elected. Sadly, I guess I was right.

I might as well have voted for McCain.


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Old Dude said...

As soon as the Bush mob brought prisoners to Gitmo, then began torturing them the long term problem began. Per our laws suspects cannot be tortured to obtain a confession. So our country has a dilemma on its hands thanks to Bush.
It seems clear that the leaders that caused and allowed our country to torture should be held accountable. Forget about the low level people for now.
The message should be sent that this will not be tolerated.
If you had told a group of bright young American kids sitting in Civics class that their country would one day invade the country of a hated dictator then take over his torture chambers and use them the same way; well they just would not believe it.
The right thinking citizens of this country need to rise up and say, "NO MORE".