Thursday, June 4, 2009

Red Alert: Reject and Resist Apple Pie and Motherhood

The title of this post was chosen to draw attention to the reality that people all around the globe will level, salacious, absurd, ridiculous and hateful accusations against anyone who speaks out for and advocates peace. Today it's Obama in their cross hairs.

The MSM in the US, especially now that it is on the ropes financially, will hype this conflict.
"EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT". They will justify their hype by claiming that the public needs to know all about it. But it will be more about their financial survival than their mission. It might be more enlightening to pay attention to the Arab and Israeli media.

But I digress.

As an agnostic Protestant I offer this. Jesus of Nazareth has been quoted, at least two generations after his lifetime, as having said something like 'the poor we will always have with us'. With that kind of insight he might also have said something like, 'the selfish, the greedy, the hateful we will always have with us'.

These types are a minority. Most people want decency and peace. But the scales of justice are more easily tipped by the evil than the good. It's human nature.



Old Dude said...


You cover an important point, "Most people want Decency and Peace." If that is true, then why do Human Events go so horribly wrong so often? I keep thinking that there should be way to identify and quarantine the bad guys. Like the leader of North Korea. What is it about Humans that allow a sicko like this to rise to power? Germany was (Still is as far as I know) a Christian nation when the Fascists took over and just went insane. The question is: why do good people, at times, allow the truly awful to rule?

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...

Old Dude asks the right question.

The operative word is "rule", as opposed to "govern". Rulers hold all the chips; money, military, media, and use them to spin the propaganda to justify their actions. Intimidation in the form of character assassination, financial and physical threats, keep people in line.

It takes a while for individuals to get together and find the courage to mount the effort to get rid of the bad guys. It often takes a coup, or regime change of some kind, and sometimes with outside help, as in Iraq. But like Iraq if often replaces one bad guy with another bad guy, propped up by outside bad guys.

Individuals for the most part want peace and justice, but when in groups we can act like pack animals after prey. Ironically it takes a group to get rid of bad guys.

It's been going on since the God of Abraham "commanded" His people to kill their enemies. The Catholic Church calls it Original Sin, and The Human Condition.

I see it as the natural result of evolution, the engine of which is survival of the fittest. We are descended from animals. They kill by instinct. We humans have yet to evolve in a way and to a point at which our better lights can consistently overcome those instincts.