Thursday, July 8, 2010

America's War Now

Here's a post from the fine blog, Minstrel Boy, and following it is a comment I left on that post.
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Apparently the Brits don't have the Neocon/Pentagonlike/military/industrial complex we
have which promotes war somewhere all the time because of the huge quantities of money made in arms and all manner of war materiel.

The British learned in the late 18th century that fighting terrorists(or patriots if you choose) is a losing battle. There are so many ironies in history. Why haven't we learned our own lesson? It's because "we" have the Neocon war mongering criminals. They did learn that lesson, and the lesson is that fighting against terrorists is a losing battle which means that there is no end to war. Just what they want.

It's best not to call this a conspiracy because that gets one branded a nut. But call it the hidden agenda, hidden from the gullible and "could- care- less" citizenry which is not about to get worked up over this when there is no draft to drag their kids off to war unwillingly.The Neocons don't want a draft for that very reason. Without a draft it's not likely that politicians will have to face angry citizens over Afghanistan as they did over Vietnam.

In the meantime we continue to borrow from the Chinese, to pay for Middle East oil and extortion to the Taliban and Pakistanis to keep the supply trucks rolling.

Sorry for the rant but I get really pissed when I hear and read stories about how Petraeus is going to be Obama's General Grant, after firing his Gen McClellan, as if military strategy and tactics were what it's all about.As always, what it's all about is MONEY!

Leanderthal; surviving member of a homo sapien species long thought to be extinct.


Here's a post by Retired Lt. Col. William Astore on this very topic. Great minds think alike? I wish.

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