Sunday, August 22, 2010

Viscious Attacks Against an Entire World Wide Religion

Frank Rich here does the country a great service by calling out the hypocrites screaming against an Islamic Community Center, with a prayer room. The first lie is claiming it's a mosque.

The cynical ploys of Murdoch's Fox Propaganda Machine, the sickening "stab in the heart" Palinisms, the outrageous Nazi shouts from Gingrich, the hypocritical rantings of Limbaugh and Beck are all exposed, their vicious lies and traitorous false patriotism on display here for all to see.

It's more than sad, it's horribly true, that Xenophobia still lives in the hearts of the ignorant and the gullible in America, obscenely exploited by demagogues who display a frighteningly twisted and malignant conscience.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan will always be right. One is entitled to one's own opinion, but not one's on facts.

Those Voice hopes readers will spread the facts.


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