Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Government Cover-Up

I hate to read this kind of reporting. It's about what seems to be another report that makes one wonder if there is anything really different in the Executive Branch since Obama took office.

Obama is going around chastising his base for being cynical and withdrawing support from the Democrat party, but this kind of news undercuts his message.

It reminds me why I don't register to vote as either a Democrat or a Republican.

I am to the left of moderate, but I'm also aware that it seems not to matter who is in power when it comes to dishonesty. What seems always to matter in this day and age of continual campaigning is pleasing the sources of huge deep pocket campaign money.

The trouble with saying often that one must "follow the money" is that it can begin to come across to those who don't like to think as a trite, tell me something new, carping.

Yet it's really true.

I have more and more liberal friends who are beginning to say that the GOPhers should be condemned to win the 2010 election and maybe even the 2012 one, so that they will reveal themselves as just another bought and paid for party, as much beholden and in the pockets of the big money industries(Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Insurance,Big Oil, Big Utilities) as the Democrats; having to deal with the results of the mess they created during the Bush eight years, and having to take ownership of that mess.

The brilliance, if not the political genius of what is today labeled the Republicans, has been in their taking advantage of the short memory of those who don't want nor have to think about governing philosophy, to make it seem that everything is simple, black and white, good or evil. As George Bush said, "I don't do nuance".

The most recent example of government cover-up to please big money is the apparent understatement of the amount of oil still contaminating the Gulf of Mexico. The sleepy minds want to hear that the crisis is over, and so they are given this kind of disinformation to help them go back to sleep.


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