Monday, June 13, 2011

Redefining Stupidity, or Worse, Criminal Behavior

I have read far too many stories recently of corruption. lying and other examples of malfeasance on the part of our politicians. I crave a story about an honest, authentic, decent politician to begin turning things around.

Begin by doing what? It should be obvious. Begin holding Bush, Cheney, et al Cabal to account for all manner of malfeasance, the victims of which were and are still, all Americans; we who were mislead, no, really and actually lied to, by a cabal of bought off politicians, comprised of most members of Congress, Bush and Cheney, who rewarded their friends in Big Oil, and the Neocon/Pentagon/Military-Industrial Complex who will stop at nothing in their nefarious and monstrous assault on any level of decency and morality, and willing to do anything to advance their cause to make for themselves as many Billions of dollars possible, hang the cost to American citizens.

Well, the cost is counted up and tallied in a multi-layered, cross section of the American socio-economic every day lives of our people. It includes thousands of lives in our military, billions of dollars of our taxpayer's hard earned wages and salaries, billions of dollars borrowed from other countries, China specifically, whom our elected officials seem to want to aggravate militarily.


Today we read and heard in the media that Obama once again is courting the Wall Street magnates, those he called "Fat Cats" not too long ago, hoping that they will once again reward him with their $Millions for his re-election campaign. The operative question of course is, what is he promising them in exchange?

What is the takeaway message from all of this ?(I really can't come up with just the right word or phrase which captures the extent of the obvious calumny at work here, which is against the efforts of most, and mostly decent, Americans).

I would really like to "hear" from my readers.

In truth, I would really like to hear from anyone who believes that what I have been preaching, as a Voice Crying in the Wilderness, needs to be heard.



Anonymous said...


In my opinion, you are on the right track. There must be a small percentage of Americans that still feel anger and confusion over the dishonest and sometimes criminal behavior that we are seeing in our politicians and so called leaders. It is disheartening and just depressing when we feel that our country is sliding into a corrupt way of doing its business. But where is the push back? Where is the outrage? Why is Cheney and company not in jail?

Our two party system has just broken down into some crazy behavior and finger pointing. Not everyone is going to get everything they want- get over it. But on the flip side, Citizens should be careful not to allow our nation to slide further into a Plutocracy.

Keep up the Good Work
Breath Deep

Old Dude

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...

Thanks Old Dude for your affirmation.

My counter says about 60 people per month visit my blog. I surely wish more of them would leave comments.

Not all are regular visitors, but the demographics which are collected by the counter indicate that many are.

Reaching out to all from Cape Cod,