Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Second Amendment and Slave Patrols(Militias)

Here's a piece which should be broadcast all over the country because it brings up a  part  of our history which NRA types don't want  you to know.

Having lived and worked in  Atlanta, GA for many years, as a displaced New Englander, I observed first hand how bigoted many in the South still are.

Had Lyndon  Johnson not stuck his neck out for civil rights I suspect the South  would still be pretty much a segregated area of our country, in actuality, though it's still pretty much a segregated society.

Atlanta is a kind of oasis in the  South.  Go just a couple of miles outside of the metro area and  you will think you're back in  the early 1800's, culturally at least.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for link. I did not know these facts but it all adds up.
Sad really. The worst thing that ever happened in our country's history was when people were brought here in chains and held as slaves. That has been a lot of bad Karma to work out.

Old Dude