Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Remember - this is a Compromise!"

Here's Wasserman's Boston Globe cartoon of Obama in short pants. And Wasserman is a liberal, progressive political cartoonist!!!

Reluctantly, I have to agree with his depiction of Obama as a school child being mugged by GOPher bullies.

The Daily Beast points out here that the Dem base is more angered by how the deal was reached than the specifics in the deal. After all reinstating unemployment insurance and some of the other parts of the deal itself make it at least palatable.

I guess making backroom deals is what a community organizer does. Historians, able to assess long term results and effects, might make him look good, but in the here and now it appears that Obama has abandoned his role as head of the Democrat party, by not attempting to sell the plan to the Dem politicians and his liberal constituent base. That doesn't go down well.

His televised self righteous condemnation of Dem politicians and base is at least unfortunate. He appears to have betrayed them by caving in to GOPher demands that nothing will get done without extending tax cuts to the enormously rich. That's the nauseous gag factor in all this.

Some are pointing out that it's only for two years. Don't count on it. Two years from now Obama will be running for a second term. This isn't going away any time soon.

And finally, here's Maureen Dowd's take on it. She nails it.


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