Sunday, December 5, 2010

Them's Hard Sayin's

Please read here the Sunday Times opinion piece by Frank Rich. He is considered a progressive journalist, somewhat left of center, so it's an eye opener to read his clear cynicism about Obama's behavior.

I've been of this mind for some time now and to have an in-touch journalist of the likes of a Frank Rich articulate what I've been trying to is reassuring that I'm not just a crank curmudgeon.

The Stockholm Syndrome seems a bit over the top, but when you think about it, Obama is actually exhibiting either that psychological behavior, he's just too naive to play the game of politics and/or he needs to be liked too much to take a strong stand for what he told us he believes, and for which we elected him.

The most recent example of course is the one Rich refers to, the meeting of GOP heads, Dem heads and Obama in which pleasantries were passed, followed quickly by the GOPHER manifesto delivered the very next day, stating total obstruction of Obama efforts, regardless of merit, until their GOPHER patrons,those richer than Creosus, are paid off with a continuation of their obscene tax cuts.

I never expected Obama to be ineffectual, and I'm not happy that I seem to be experiencing him that way. James Carville was correct, if crude, when he said(I paraphrase) that if Hillary gave one of her jewels to Obama, they'd both have two.

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