Saturday, October 29, 2011

May 21st

So what is the  significance of May 21st?

For some, the followers of the cult preacher, Harold Camping, it is the day the world was supposed to end,
but the he pushed it forward to October 21st.  Since that didn't happen either, they, his followers, playing with a deck several cards short of full, apparently have decided that the rapture actually did occur on May 21st despite and contrary to evidence, facts on the ground, what most of us accept as reality.

I'm one who wants to know as much as I can about how everything works, but I'm also one who understands that if we homo sapiens(wise men) ever understood it all we would find ourselves adrift in a kind of frightening sea  which only Herman Melville an Stephen Crane have dared to confront.

So, if someone disappears before your eyes, perhaps it's because the rapture has already happened.  But blink and look again before you spread that word.

As for the significance of May 21st, it just happens to be my birthday.  I wasn't taken up into the clouds on that day in 1937, unless of course being born to life on this Earth is actually the rapture. Who's to say?


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