Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I started this post a few weeks ago, and am now just working on making it a message I'm willing to put out there.

Troy Davis was murdered last night, just a few hours after I retreated to the safety and comfort of my bed.

I woke up sick at my stomach this morning, anticipating that the news would be about his
execution.  The state of Georgia, USA, murdered Troy Davis last night. The only solace
for me is that his long ordeal ( the fear, the sheer horror of being strapped down on a gurney so that  another human being can kill him with a lethal injection) is over.   And this is legal!!!

Whenever I have been exposed to news of another living being's helplessness at the hands of other living beings I always project my feelings on that person who must have experienced the most horrific feeling of helplessness upon knowing that there is nothing one can do to escape death..

Most other countries have eliminated the death penalty.  We're supposed to be a humane society. Apparently  only when it comes to our household pets. 


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