Monday, May 14, 2012

Hitting Bottom?

Is this what the GOPhers have become?  If so they will likely continue descending into a kind of  political bottom. I'm of  two minds on that. I grew up in a Republican family, and as a CEO in business for many years I continued to believe that the GOP was a party of decent people who endorsed the belief that those of us
who worked in decent organizations were allingning ourselves with the right people. Somewhere along the line
I began to sense that it was no longer so.  I didn't leave it, it left me and untold thousands of voters.

Unfortunately there are still those who have not just hung on but who keep voting against their own interests.Sorry to say that it's they who are energized by GOPher politicians' appeal to their basest instincts, easily and happily succumbing to and  embracing the hate which lies just below the surface.

Recently, a woman at a Romney event called President Obama treasonous.  If Romney had any balls, had any respect for decency in the public square, he would have denounced such talk; but he ignored it and went on to speechify on the woman's questioning Obama's adherence to the Constitution.

Obama  is a Constitutional Law professor. What are her credentials?


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