Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Who Will Stop This?

Here's a tragic tale of a couple who apparently got screwed over several times by Wells Fargo, and who finally shot himself out of what must have felt like sheer desperation.

Who will stop this?  Certainly not Romney, and I'm not so sure about Obama who hasn't yet demonstrated that he has the balls to go after the big banks.

Why? As always follow the money trail.

How corrupt are we as a country willing to be?  We've already become sickeningly corrupt

Who will stop this.


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Anonymous said...

That is just a sickening story of an out of control bank. The head of the bank and the board of directors should be placed in JAIL today. And they should stay there, until they can come up with a plan that will comply with the laws and ensure that a situation like this will never occur again.

Old Dude