Saturday, July 7, 2012

How Many More?

How many more atrocities need to be seen, in this case literally, before our military/industrial complex,
convincing one more president that they are really in charge of our foreign policy, will stop wasting our lives and treasure in attempts to subdue a people of another state?

Likely none.  Those who make $billions waging war, somewhere all the time, really don't give a damn when they are wasting lives and treasure.  They are loyal only to making huge profits.

I highly recommend reading Captains and the Kings, by Taylor Caldwell, ca 1970.
This is nothing new.  Ike knew all about the risk, and warned us, but we did not listen.
Now those of us who voted in the late 1950's are a diminishing lot. Those born after that time
might not, probably don't, know what Ike told us.


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