Saturday, July 7, 2012

Obama's Opportunity

Here's the latest on how Bain Capital can and should be the Achilles Heel of Romney's campaign.

Obama has to take this opportunity to capture this latest news to paint Romney as a ruthless takeover
giant who makes money off the agony of the unfortunate.  Fight fire with fire please Mr. President.
The GOPhers have openly said that their single most important mission is to make you a one term president,
Please dig in your own heels, stand your ground, which in this case is not permission to injure somebody
physically, but is the kind of opportunity we liberals could only dream about.

No squeamishness now, no worrying about moral certitudes now,
no time for confessions now.

Expose Romney for who and what he is, a self satisfied, good looking, self righteous
super wealth Narcissist,who makes political decisions by holding up a wet finger to see how
the wind blows, but who has no difficulty at all in making business
decisions because his method of evaluating the up side and the downside
is not how it makes him look to the populace, as in campaign decisions,
but how much money it makes, whether or not the target survives.

Obama is on solid ground to shine the Cape Cod Light Beacon on Romney
as one of those who has shipped thousands of job offshore.  It seems
that he thinks Chinese Communism is a great partner for American Capitalism.

How about that for irony?  Make the SOB cringe by mocking his fake
loyalty to American jobs.



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