Thursday, August 23, 2012

E.J. Gets It

Here is E.J. Dionne's analysis of what Elizabeth Warren must do to beat Scott Brown in November's Senatorial race.  As he says, her task, that of  working to be seen as a likable person, is not the kind of thing often asked of law professors.   So far, for this writer, she has come across as a bit of a shrill, with a one topic message: prosecute the financial system's crooks, those who put us into this deep recession, and who, so far, have escaped any kind of real punishment for their crimes.

That's why I will vote for Warren; wanting her in the Senate to work on going after those crooks.  I do hope see realizes the need to compete with Brown on the image thing.

Brown has been doing a much better job than Warren in the image department. He comes across as very likable in his ads, a regular guy, driving his pickup truck again in this campaign.  His slogan, "He's  one of us", has caught on well.  In my town I see the yard sign with that slogan out front of lots of very expensive homes; we're talking $million mansions here.  That's no surprise.  The wealthy don't want people like Warren messing up their exclusive playgrounds.

Another crucial reason to vote for Warren is to do all we can to ward off the possibility that the GOPhers will become a majority in the Senate.

Those of you who read this and are eligible to vote in Mass, please vote for Warren and spread the word to those in your immediate and wider circle.


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