Wednesday, August 29, 2012

GOPhers Are The Animals

You will understand the title of this post when you read this.

Stories like this should go viral  so that all decent  people know what kind of people are attracted to today's Republican party.  Low Lifes for sure.

Geesh!  How crude can  they get?  How uncivilized can they get?  Why isn't CNN screaming at the GOPhers for humiliating one of their own?  Of course you know the answer to that one.  Money, as usual.  CNN
doesn't want to be excommunicated from the Republican theocracy.  Cowards, hypocrites, sleazes.  That camera operator should quit and sue the hell out of CNN, the Convention  operators, Tampa, and any and all other parties even remotely involved in what was going on when the bastards through their nuts and said, "This  is how we feed animals".


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