Saturday, September 8, 2012

GOPhers' Alternative Universe

Dear Reader,

Mind boggling, idiocy, lunacy, unhinged from reality, hateful comments:  that's all I can think of to say which is printable in a publication intended for thoughtful and decent people.

The following links take you to two examples of publicly made comments coming from some of the most obviously unhinged GOPhers, as they begin to realize that the speakers at the DNC convention are making it clear that the speakers at their own GOPher convention, whom one would assume were chosen because they were thought to be good spokespersons for their approach to governing, the minds of almost everyone, including those, who like me, had  held out hope  to now as  Republicans,  let alone that Cloud based, amorphous non-constituency, euphemistcally called Independents.

Click here and here to read examples of what I came across in the public sphere in just the last few days , that which has been reported by some element of the media with which we are which qualifies for my including their authors in my  list  people who are idiots, lunatics, hateful and unhinged.

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