Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why I read Kevin Drum at Mother Jones

Here's why.

In watching some re-runs of 911 today I can still not say that I believe the official line.  Those who observe that the collapse of the twin towers look awfully like a controlled demolition make me wonder about the truth.
Those who initially reported that a bomb had gone of around the heliport at the Pentagon, and sketch physical
evidence of the remains of an airliner, make me wonder also.

Like the Kennedy assassination and the follow up killing of Oswald, it's likely that we will never know the truth.

People of the ilk of Dick Cheney don't inspire my confidence that they are without guilt for 911.


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Anonymous said...

My question to those that believe that the attack on the Twin Towers was a conspiracy; and the planes that hit the towers were not the hi-jacked planes but other planes or some missles or controlled demolition or something besides the official story is this: If the passenger planes filled with citizens did not hit the Twin Towers then where did they end up?
A bunch of folks that were flying that sad day did not make it home. Where are they? Where are the planes involved? Did they disappear? Where?
I love conspiracy theorys as much as the next guy but what on earth happened to the planes and passengers?

Old Dude