Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Conspiracy Theories or Hidden Agenda Realities

If one proposes or advances the possibility of a conspiracy theory in an attempt to understand and expose nefarious motives and events, he or she is usually targeted and subjected to personal attack on his or her IQ, motives and values; in short, character assassination.

Those who are persuaded to dismiss out of hand Conspiracy Theorists are themselves the fools they are known to be by those who fool them, the actual Conspirators. The defense against claims of conspiracy rests on the idea that they simply cannot exist because they would have to be based on a vast and comprehensive plan to which all conspirators would agree never to divulge; and no one can be counted on to keep such a pledge.

Their defense is that all people have their own personal, self -centered, selfish motives and cannot possibly agree, commit to and stay in such a compact.

The key words here are "personal, self-centered, selfish motives". They expose the motivation of such people, and as such can lead, at least for a time, to a unifying compact.

The word "conspiracy" implies a nefarious agreement, compact and plan to snooker those who are too simple-minded, dumb and naive to wake up to what's going on before they have been had.

These nefarious things have been documented in history. Ridiculing those who call such things Conspiracies, is often a cover up in itself.

How about calling them Hidden Agendas. Try convincing anyone that these don't exist.

Lighthouse Keeper

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