Thursday, October 11, 2007

Good Grief

I think it was Charlie Brown who made "Good Grief" the iconic statement of disbelief? It rivals "Oy Vey" on the Exclamation Meter.

That's my response to what's going on in DC. For example the non-binding resolution from the House, almost a hundred years after the fact, which condemns Turkey for the Armenian genocide. Representative Lantos said that it is something that had to be acknowledged and put to bed. I suspect it was more like wanting to raise Lazuras from the dead in order to rescusitate an old grievance for political gain.

I wonder how Lantos would react to a Turkish parliament resolution that condemned the US for its slave based economic system, a hundred and fifty years after the fact.

On my Cape Cod Lighthouse blog a few days ago I wrote about why Helen Thomas speaks for me. Her point was that the voters are being ignored by not only the Republicans but the Democrats. Her ending question was something like, where can the voter go who is fed up with the disaster of the war in Iraq?

I extend that question to where does the voter go who is exasperated at being ignored by those they voted into office, and who obviously are more about partisan fighting and gaining voting control than representing the voters who put them in their fabulous jobs, complete with exclusive perks, from access to global media to the best and least expensive health care plan on the planet?

The Democrat led resolution condemning Turkey was at least gratuituous. Why that and why now?

The motivation has to be partisan and political. Turkey wants admission to the EU. Turkey has allowed and enabled all sorts of materiel bound for Iraq to pass through their country, though they obstructed the passage of those things through their country in 2003. I'm sure there are many other factors of which I am unaware but which I hope will surface in the coming days. I have to leave it to those who are in command of the facts. As for me I have to admit to believing there is something most foul as a result of experiencing a stink most foul.

After the 2006 election the country had barely a year of governance before the new Holy Grail, the 2008 election, became the focus of the quest, characterized by all things sectarian.

We love to look down on the Iraqis as sectarian zealots when, in fact, we have become just that which we like to condemn. The foundations of our country have been terribly eroded by the incursion of tribal and sectarian tides.

Jon Meacham, editor of Newsweek, and a self-declared Christian within the Episcopal denomination's approach to faith, said that though we are a nation of mostly Christians, we are not a Christian nation. That might be the wisest statement I have heard in my lifetime.

The voters are being marginalized and disrespected, viewed as and relegated to, by those they elected to positions of power, members of tribes; Republican Nation or Democrat Nation, like Red Sox Nation and Patriot Nation.

The insult is egregious and unforgivable. Dismissing the voter as nothing more than a dedicated fan of a favorite team or tribe is to make the mistake of assuming a voter's enjoyment, pleasure and satisfaction in rooting for a local team can be manipulated, used and transferred to commitment and loyalty to a political party, regardless of what that party professes and stands for.

As a voter I am listed as Independent. However I tend to believe in and support the need to provide safety nets for those who, for one reason or another, have not been able to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps as the fortunate and faithful of the Republican Party expects and requires of the average Joe; unanticipated things like divorce, loss of employment, disability and medical care costs come to mind as conditions and situations which are conveniently ignored by those whose financial situation protects them from such.

The ad in the Times was outrageous, a cheap shot and nothing more than a sixth grade school yard taunt. And the Times should receive its due opprobium for its role in enabling that slur. I make no case for General Petraous who I think has an Eisenhower complex. Some folks in Iraq have come forward with stories about his wanting to run for president in 2012. Who knows when it's just heresay and rumor. But his being trotted out and advertised as the savior of all things Iraqi a few weeks ago, given the best exposure one could ask for, and awarded the imprimatur of the Republican current occupants of the White House seem to me to be planned, calculated, carefully and cynically orchestrated.

Rush Limbaugh's "phony soldiers" statement was equally outrageous.

The war goes on in Iraq, Afghanistan is falling back into the control of the Taliban, the Cheney/Bush/neo-con cabal is beating the war drums against Iran, just as they did in 2002-2003, our government has been unwilling to be the Dutch Uncle to Israel, regardless of what party has been in power. The front runner Dem candidates are demurring when asked what they will do to get us out of Iraq by the end of their first term, if elected.

Talk about frustration. Good Grief! Oy Vey!

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