Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hello?; OY Vay!

"Hello?" seems to be the modern slang equivalent of the voice crying in the wilderness. It conveys a kind of sardonic and sarcastic surprise at the hearing and reading of stuff said and written which defy belief and fly in the face of common sense, reality and history. I have a Jewish blog friend whose response to such stuff is " OY Vay". Like Hello?, OY Vay needs no dictionary definition to convey its meaning. It somehow speaks for itself.

There are some other phrases which get at the same thing, such as, "You can't be serious", and,"You've got to be kidding". But somehow none of them quite conveys the same feeling of frustration as "A Voice Crying in the Wilderness".

Here's my first voice crying in the wilderness.

In the election of November, 2006, the voters sent to Congress a majority of those they believed would call out Bush for what he is, a liar, and who would stand up to him to end the fighting of our soldiers in Iraq. The voters have been ignored. Congress has become at least compliant, and knuckled under to fears of being labeled unpatriotic, and soft on terrorism.

Hello? The disconnect between the voters and those they voted for is extraorinary. Polls show approval ratings of Congress less than those of Bush. What is going on? Here's what I fear is going on.

The Dems are focused on getting elected in Nov. 2008. After the election of 2006 they played at governing as the voters told them to for about a year, but then began campaigning for re-election, years ahead of the election. All their efforts are about getting elected or re-elected in Nov 2008, and are posturing themselves for that and not being faithful to the principals for which they were elected in 2006.

It's becoming clearer with each passing month that the Dems know something which they don't want to admit; that the war in Iraq is about oil, and the need to secure our access to it on a reasonably sound economic basis. The front runners in the Dem campaign side stepped a straight forward question about what the would commit to doing about getting us out of Iraq by the end of their first term if elected.

I put up a post on another of my blogs a few months ago, entitled, It's The Oil People, in which I stated my belief that nothing much would change about Iraq after the Nov 2008 election, even if a Dem won the White House.

The Voice Crying in the Wilderness.

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