Sunday, November 11, 2007

Frog legs for dinner: The Key to Preparation

Select a pot, large enough to handle the introduction and melting of any and all ingredients. Fill it with water, the most important, essential and natural element of life. Select from a population of living beings (in this case frogs for purposes of example)who are pretty much instinctively pre-occupied by their immediate needs. They likely have no concept of time in the abstract perception of past, present and future, but are limited to the sense, that is to say, what their senses confirm to them of present reality. In this example they experience warmth inititally, and like most beings, as small and gradual rise in temperature actually can feel good to a point. I don't have to draw you a word picture of what finally happens to the frog.

Most psychologists will tell you that many criminals are brilliant, but they use their intellect for dark purposes.

I submit that the Bush/Cheney elected mafia dons are brilliant, and have used their intellects for dark purposes.

They understand the frog thing. They turn up the heat on the burner of fear a little bit at a time until those they know they can fool into thinking that they are safe are overcome by the heat of fear.

It happened in 2003, and many signs indicate that it's happening again.

David Brooks wrote recently that the Bush administration is not going to attack Iran, "(trust me)" was his parenthetical statement.

David Brooks is a columnist of the NY Times, with a Conservative, if not Right Wing, agenda. His previous employer was The Weekly Standard, clearly a voice of the far Right; a house of neo-cons, often associated with red light neighborhoods. (Oops, that was not a politically correct statement). If I really had what one might call an audience, I exsAppologies to Fox News, and in particular Bill O'Reilly's need to expose for his viewership's pleasure, skin and bones,

David Brooks, for me, is easy to like. He's smart, but not smarmy, though occasionally clever. He understands and appreciates the powers of the memes of cultures, has a subtle sense of humor, has the credentials of education and intellect of one worthy of respect, and also projects, if not embodies, many of the views, wishes and values of Americans.

David Brooks' opinions and offerings encourage me that trying to remain independent is an OK stance. That it's not only OK to suspend judgement, that by doing so is not "Waiting for Godo"

I could write, honestly, a similar post about the offerings of George Will.

I could not write, honestly, a similar post about the offerings of Charles Krauthammer or William Kristol.

As one who is easily dismayed, disappointed and disilussioned, if not afraid, that he is just another voice crying in the wilderness, getting any kind of reply, positive or negative, would be received as a great and valuable gift.

As for giving, it's been written, said and credited to God that He loves the cheereful giver.

Let's hear it and give it up for God!.

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