Saturday, November 17, 2007

When Logic Feels Futile

How many lives will be sacrificed, how many billions of dollars will be poured down the rat hole which is Iraq before some kind of citizen coalition gets worked up enough and led well enough to oppose those who promote war, somewhere, anywhere, because it's in their financial interest to do so?

One kiss of death is the use of the word "conspiracy" to describe what's going on and which has a foul odor. That word has been so overused that it has become an indication of just another rant, and considered merely as a Voice Crying in the Wilderness. The clear implication is that the voice is out of touch with reality, and should be dismissed as irrelevant if not actually weird and off the wall. But all people understand the phrase "hidden agenda".

Many of those who might coalesce have not. Perhaps it's because they have continued to want to keep believing that Cheney/Bush deserved the chance to make the surge work because that would give the elected Iraqi government space and time to bring their country together.

Such a view and hope is a credit to us as a people. We really do hope that our leaders, those we elected, share our values, dreams and hopes for us and our children. But, sadly, I can only conclude that they talk that way, but act differently.

Their actions speak loudly that they value promoting aggression, though they speak peace.

Even a superficial look at how they made their money, and who has supported their election projects, brings to light, if one is open to seeing the light, that those they "value", in a rather corrupt connotation of the word, are all about making money; and armed conflict is the requirement because money is made by selling arms and ammunition, often to both sides.

These people, and the organizations they create understand that it's easier to make money by fanning the flames of conflict than to turn and focus their energy on dousing the flames. It's been acknowledged for some time that some of the most successful criminals have brilliant minds. They differ from others of brilliant minds more in their goals than in their genius.

Those in charge today are feeding us the pap, the pablum they know we crave, so that we will give them the benefit of the doubt as they pursue their goal of making money on conflict, conflicts which they, the military/industrial establishment, stir up.

This is not new to our species nor to our own nation. Such people sold guns and ammunition to both the north and the south during our own civil war. These are people who have no allegiance to a people, nation or country. If they have any allegiance it would be to the power of money.

Taylor Caldwell, in the 1970's, wrote a novel, "Captains and the Kings", in which she tried to awaken her readers to the reality and the threat of such people who understand that their success depends on how well they can stir up feelings of nationality and fear.

Lighthouse Keeper

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