Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Ultimate Dilemma

What to do when the citizens are wiser than the politicians?

Or more troubling and frightening is the question, what to do when the politicians know that, but ignore the citizens because they can, and so couldn't care less?

When those in power, fall in love with, and are enthralled by that power, they act as rulers, kings, not as one person elected by the citizens to govern for a specified and limited time.

It's been widely reported that Karl Rove's goal and vision was to do what he had to do to keep the GOP, his version of it, in power for years to come.

The Third Reich was to last for a thousand years.

We're talking grandiosity here.

The very and same people who ridicule anyone for invoking the spector of Nazi Germany as a way to get peoples' attention to the serious threat of forces against which they can be overwhelmed, do so to deflect such accusastions from themselves and refocus them on those they fear are on to them.

Such people are quick to focus on the Holocaust of Nazi Germany as it's singular evil and something that can't and won't happen again, as if by promoting that belief, to which all decent people subscribe, they can hide their selfish actions under the radar which is focused on and set to detect the horrors of a Holocaust, but which are not set to detect the less obvious, and in the short term, seemingly less damaging undermining of those values on which our founders staked their lives and reputations.

Statements like this one I just made are too frequently today thought of as quaint.

For now, I will put this out there as an example of
A Voice Crying in the Wilderness.

Please know that I hope that somewhere in the wilderness it will be heard and might even generate a response.

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