Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Global Scheme, Successor to The American Dream

Obama was speaking the truth to the powerless when he used the word "bitter" in describing the mood of those who feel powerless in the face of overwhelming obstacles in their every day lives; jobs lost, health care and education of their children unaffordable, gas and food prices rising to the point, either eat or drive, when these are not mutually exclusive options.

His use of the word "bitter" was actually accurate in so far as it describes the deep seated feelings of people for whom he has empathy. Those who have jumped all over him for being condescending to the less advantaged as an "elite" are those who epitomize the ultimate in hypocrisy. In the personages of Hillary Clinton, John McCain and their groupies, they accuse Obama of the hypocrisy with which they are so poisonously laced.

Why is "bitter" not only an accurate word, but an appropriate word? Perhaps it's because it connotes, captures a mood typical of anyone who knows how it feels to be ignored, left out of what used to be called the American dream.

This is the mood of those who now get it. They are those who realize that the American Dream has morphed into what is now the Global Scheme. It is the scheme of those who have made their fortunes in the American dream, and now want to multiply those fortunes exponentially by piling on obstacles to those who did what they could within the earlier rules of the game, only to find that those in power changed the rules of the game during the game.

(In the interest of backing up the last assertion. I offer the following: A year or so ago I read a comment by a classmate of George W. Bush at Yale that W was known for trying to change the rules of the game when he was behind. I cannot document that with proper attribution, though I do know that I read it.

It's always been a truism that them what has gets. In the Cheney/Bush regime tax cuts for the richest poured gasoline on the fire that sent the American Dream for many up in smoke.

The American dream has always been understood to mean the possibility that those who worked hard, kept their noses clean, didn't chase skirts, kept their hand out of the cookie jar, and with a little bit of luck had a better than even chance to enjoy "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", which usually requires a decent job.

The word "bitter" is the emotionally charged word which describes the mood of many Americans who have become aware that others who are essentially immune to the ravages of inflation, are in power and making decisions for their own benefit, and which add to the chasm between the haves and the have nots.

Cheney/Bush tax cuts were clearly skewed to the benefit of the already wealthy, a few of whom have, to their everlasting credit, said they didn't need them. Cheney/Bush/Rove and their neo-con cabal conspired to commit American hard earned treasure and precious lives to a military exercise, invading Iraq, the goals of which were and still are the additional accumulation of wealth for those who would benefit from such an exercise; the testing of new weapons, facing down Iran for who will gain control and make big money from Iraq's oil.

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