Thursday, April 3, 2008

You Never Really Know

Here is a link to a site which is hard to categorize and evaluate.

It reveals the thoughts of Ted Turner as he wants us to understand him today, though clearly he is a person who has gone out of his way for most of his life to be seen as non-conformist, controversial, and actually outrageous. He enjoyed being known as the Mouth of the South and Captain Outrageous.

I provide the above link for your information and reaction which I hope you will share by using the comments option at the end of the post.

Turner and I were members of two organizations in the sixties and seventies in the Atlanta, GA area: North Avenue Presbyterian Church in downtown Atlanta, and Lake Lanier Sailing Club north of Atlanta. I doubt that he was ever as aware of me as I was of him.

For starters, our revered pastor, Vernon Broyles, was one of his close friends. Vernon once told me that Ted knew more about the Bible than he did, but just didn't believe it. Ted sat next to his first wife, Jannie, in church on a morning years ago when his son Teddie was confirmed.

I was an observer as a bass voice in the choir that morning.

That being said, I am most interested in what he is now promoting. One of his talents has been a most successful sailing skipper. The least I can say is that he seems to have made a 180 degree course correction in his views on religion.

I knew him as a sailor who won most every race, no matter the conditions, and as one who, when asked to crew for his friends, never held the tiller, but inevitably instructed the one who did successfully. Any boat he was on won that race.

I am heartened at his course reversal. It isn't all that surprising, remembering his enormous philanthropic actions of recent years.

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper

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