Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whether It Worked Or Not Torture Is Illegal

Here's a piece by William Pfaff on the right question to ask. Not does or did torture work, but is it legal? Regardless of one's opinion on the first question the second question cannot be answered by an opinion, 'just the facts, Mam'.

Torture is illegal.

As for what constitutes torture, that's what the investigation would be all about. The released memos pretty much clear up who ordered it, who wrote the memos and who practiced it.

Let the law take us where it leads us. Thomas Friedman claims that bringing charges against such people as George W. Bush and his cronies would tear the nation apart. Hardly. We survived the humiliation of Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. That's because we are a nation of laws, or at least purport to be. Feeling squeamish about humiliating famous people is a symptom of a nation of ruled by powerful people, not a nation governed within the law.


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