Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lewis Black on Glenn Beck

Lewis Black breaks me up. His over the top outrageous shtick gets me every time. Here he is on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart mocking Glenn Beck's comparing everything to Nazi Germany except the AZ law which is perhaps the one thing which is really like Nazi Germany.

Making fun of the Becks of this world is probably more effective than arguing. Arguing is what makes these faux journalists lots of money. They have no interest in the truth. Their audience loves to hear and believe complete and total nonsense. Sadly that audience is huge, which gives Beck great ratings and attracts advertisers who care only for the affect of their advertisements, and could care less about what they are supporting.

Anywho, give yourself a good laugh and watch Lewis Black's routine on Glenn Beck. It's today's mental health break. I know, I know; even this is good for Beck's ratings and he'll cry all the way to the bank. Watch it anyway.


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