Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mark Shields on Blumenthal Lying About Military Service

Mark Shields' Friday column is here. He rightfully condemns Richard Blumenthal for lying about serving in Vietnam.

This is a sorry state of affairs. I had been in favor of Blumenthal being elected to the US Senate. He has a strong track record as AG, and is a brilliant mind apparently, according to his credentials.

But Blumenthal lied, not just once, but on several occasions, and over an extended period of time, that he served as a Marine in Vietnam. Mark Shields does a thorough, if unhappy, job describing why this kind of lie should not be overlooked.

To say "I misspoke" is bullshit weaseling. We don't need more bullshitting weasels in Congress.

Such behavior exposes a worrisome character flaw. The stupid part is that he didn't need to do this. He's been viewed accurately as a strong supporter of those serving in uniform, and a fine individual on his own merits and track record. On the other hand he went for several military deferments during Vietnam. Frankly I would have also if I had been draftable in those days. But now to lie about actually serving in Vietnam in the light of those deferments is hard to overlook.

Apparently CT Dems disagree. He was confirmed as the Dem nominee yesterday in spite of his outright lies.

This is even sadder when one looks at the credentials of the GOP frontrunner. She's a sick joke.

As a liberal, progressive, or whatever label might be used to describe my support of policies which include a prudent government role in the well being of our citizens and which Blumenthal endorses, I'm at least disappointed in Blumenthal's past and continued unfortunate behavior on this particular matter.


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Scott Sheperd said...

I agree. There is a character flaw with this guy that is really fascinating. There are many times I guess (they have pictures) that he said it right that he served during Vietnam and not in Vietnam. But he's not stupid. He knows the difference. I was in the Air National Guard Band during Vietnam. I wasn't in Vietnam. I didn't want my ass shot off for that stupid war. My brother in law was a Marine in Vietnam. I respect his service as I respect others who served IN Vietnam, those who served in some way DURING Vietnam, those who got deferments and those who went to Canada. But what is Blumenthal doing. I'm a liberal and when he opens a door for people like his opponent because of his own stupidity it's just sad.