Saturday, May 15, 2010

Some Still Simply Need To Use Their Heads

"How many skeletons and fossils do we have to dig up before evolution seems more plausible than the story of God sleeping in after six days of hard work?"

This is a wonderful question from Helen of the Margaret and Helen blog.

And here's a link to her entire post on right wingnut idiocy.

Think, damn it, think!!! If everyone used their head not their prejudices the world would be a better place. Unfortunately the species homo sapien, sapien is not capable of doing that consistently, a truism that a voice crying in the wilderness has difficulty accepting.



Pull Up A Chair said...

Haven't you heard?

It's all "intelligent design." How could this world, full of such beauty be an accident?

That is the "logic" employed by the kook-balls. No matter how much proof and evidence you show them, they still believe that Jesus was a real product of a virgin birth and that he rode a dinosaur.

I quit believing in an imaginary friend long ago.

You will never be able to make any real sense out of their illogical beliefs and the "faith" they have in fables of a sacred sky being.

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...

Pull up a Chair of course has it right. Having relatives who read the Bible literally is harder than acknowledging the idiocy of the right wingnuts.

The Evolution of God by Robert Wright is a terrific history lesson on how religion reflects the culture at different times, and how God's traits and characteristics adapt. Man creates God in his own image. Wright writes with humor which makes it appealing.

Sam Harris's The End of Faith is a hollering screed. I agree with much of what he writes, but he's put too much emotion into it to be enjoyable. He's guilty of what Wright calls Scriptural Determinism, the idea that scriptures written in certain cultures defines the culture. He's all for bombing Islam back to the Stone Age before they do that to us. He says it's written in the Koran. Wright has a more nuanced view. When anything seems one sided it's usually not.

Scott Sheperd said...

There is no talking to people who believe literally the bible. The real sad thing about them besides their bullying of everyone else is that they have no sense of mystery - no imagination. Interestingly, in my opinion, the people who say -without any doubt - that there is nothing beyond this also suffer from a lack of imagination. They of course don't usually try to shove their viewpoints down everyone's throat but they often come across as arrogant as the bible thumpers. If you get a chance go to I love this guy. He really rips into the hypocrisy of the religious right and the bullshit of so many churches, especially how they treat women and their anthropomorphic treatment of god . But he celebrates the mystery. Plus he gives great ammunition on different religious myths besides christianity that have things like virgin births, dec.25 births, etc. that just blows some of these dopes away. Throw up Mithra at them and watch them go blank.

Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...

Scott Sheperd passes on a good lead on this topic.

Here's another lead. Check out Robert Wright's, "The Evolution of God", a thorough analysis of the historical changes in God's character traits reflecting the facts on the ground over time. He starts with Shamans of old and ends with Muhammed. Man creates God in his own image. To believe the reverse after reading this book? Well, God bless 'em.

I sing bass, as a non-member and agnostic, in a Protestant church choir because the incredibly beautiful music, ironically based on scripture, is my spiritual food. I think of myself as an actor reading my lines when it comes to the lyrics.

Some might also like Sam Harris', "The End of Faith". Wright writes with humor, where Harris writes with anger. Both are educational.