Monday, November 29, 2010

American Exceptionalism: What Is It?

Here's a fine piece by Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post on how the GOPHERS are twisting what Obama has said about 'American Exceptionalism' to raise questions about his values and belief in America as the leader of the world.

In my mind the phrase 'American Exceptionalism" at its best refers to the principles enshrined in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, those things that set America apart in the world; like "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

At its worst it is used as an arrogant statement of hubris by some Americans, currently embodied by the GOPHER party, which brings to mind the old phrase, "The Ugly American", which captured the arrogance of some Americans as they were experienced by citizens of other countries which arrogant Americans visited.

Today it is used almost exclusively by GOPHER pretenders to the presidency. Tumulty cites examples of things said by Palin, Romney, Gingrich, to name a few of the right wing, hypocrites who are committed to making Obama a one term president. Anything goes, Obama and his administration are all fair game for these hateful hunters. They are truly today's Ugly Americans, right here, in America.


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