Friday, November 26, 2010

Roger Cohen on "The "Department of Fear"

Here is Roger Cohen's trenchant warning that American freedom and even the soul of the nation is threatened by the imposition of false security measures. Sadly, perhaps even tragically, he is likely to be ignored as just another voice crying in the wilderness. But one can hope that his use of the term "The Department of Fear" might get the attention of some Americans who haven't yet caught on to the scam.

People who can't see the forest for the trees are succumbing to, even cheering on, the impositions they are experiencing. They don't see that the long road to the erosion of liberty begins with the first incremental steps falsely labeled "Security".

As usual, "follow the money" is the best clue to what is really going on. That's made abundantly clear by Cohen's exposure of Michael Chertoff's personal greed. The former Secretary of Homeland Security is capitalizing on the insider influence gained from his role as a so-called public servant. He has become just another lobbyist-peddler, selling his snake oil elixir, "Right here in River City". That's Washington on the Potomac.

And greed shall reign forever and ever. Hallelujah!


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