Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Hedge Fund Republic"?

Update Below.

Here's a well written opinion column on the threat to our republic by the vast accumulation of wealth in the hands of the very few, and at the expense of the many.

We need a third party led by a serious, well respected person who cares about the soul of America.

Until that happens we will be held hostage by, not the kings, but the king makers. Our votes will continue to be cast for the lesser of two evils, even if we could figure out which one that is.

In today's America both major parties are in the pockets of the super rich who have no interest in the safety net needs of those who have tried to make it on their own, but who have lost their jobs, run afoul of the bankers, hit by unexpected serious health costs, to name a few.

These people need unemployment insurance, single payer health insurance and protection from unscrupulous financiers. It reminds me of the old cartoon of a helpless person tied to the railroad tracks, screaming, "But I can't pay the rent".

Tain't no longer funny McGee.

Here's another fine entry to the discussion.



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