Friday, March 4, 2011

Calling Out the Weak Kneed Democrats

Robert Reich continues his straight talk to the pitiful, weak kneed Democrats who cower before big money backed GOPhers.

People like the Koch brothers are morally bankrupt human beings who do really evil things with their Billions of Dollars. They also do some good things, but perhaps for the wrong reasons, one of which is funding a new cancer research center in Cambridge, MA. probably because it will be named after one of them.

President Obama just doesn't seem to have the stones to call out those who are keeping this country hostage, who vote the way their big money patrons direct them to, who are afraid of upsetting the Pentagon's military/industrial complex billionaires, and who cower before Israel backing lobbies like AIPAC.

Clearly politicians of both parties are more interested in keeping their jobs than doing the right thing. They prostitute themselves to the deep pockets for the huge funds needed to finance election campaigns.

A few weeks ago Admiral Mullen, Chair of the Joint Chiefs said about DADT, "do the right thing".
We need Democrats to do the right things. They know what the right things are, but they are just too afraid to do them. So called public servants are really just courtesans to the kings of big money. Shame, shame.

Robert Reich has spelled out what they should do, if they ever find the guts to do them.

Read today's iteration here.


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