Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Send in the Clowns; Don't Bother, They're Here

My impression of the potential GOPher presidential candidates is that there is not a genuinely honest leader in the bunch.

I define a Honest Leader as a person who is aware that he or she will be required to make decisions and take action based on his or her belief systems, whether or not they conform to those of his or her financial supporters, whose plans and agendas are likely to be in considerable conflict.

He or she would get my backing and admiration if she or he declared from the start a desire to serve for the legal term limit, with no expectations, and no energy and funds wasted on keeping the job for another four years. That doesn't precludeaccepting being drafted to go another four years.

That happened in the state of Maine, when I lived there. He was an Independent elected in 1994 who declared he would be a one term governor, but was drafted and re-elected for a second term, all to the benefit of the state of Maine. He name is Angus King, honest leader.

By definition such a person is a public servant, not a person who, like the proverbial elephant, who gets its trunk in the tent, and focuses more on using the trunk to intimidate those in the tent, and keep them in line.

These GOphers all perform like minor leaguers and major league wannabees, professional politicians with narrow minds, and limited visionary capacity. Even Romney, who might appear to have leadership traits,and experience is running against his own record as the one who got Mass Healthcare made law.

Some are off the wall, like Palin and Angle, who throw out some feelers now and then. Some are just plain hypocrites like Gingrich, Huckabee, Barbour, Santorum and Romney, to name a few.

Since money talks, and thus rules I suspect that all of them, though they aren't likely to admit it, would like to get the nod from the Koch brother and their ilk.

I don't believe that any one of them would have a problem accepting bribes which they conveniently label campaign contributions. I do believe that each of these potential candidates has no problem with the Koch brothers' agenda. It's business as usual, and in business money rules.

That of course would be off camera. What you will find on camera is these Jokers ruthlessly jockeying for the poel position, by parading around in American Apple Pie mode,( or ala mode)kissing babies and all those sickening photo ops we've been made nauseous by, at least for the seven plus decades of my life, so far.

As for Obama, I have to admit that my friends who were worried about him for lack of experience and a too idealistic approach to politics, were right.

He too acts as if he has been bought off by the military/industrial complex, the big pharma, big oil and Israel lobbies. He went on record on national television as preferring to be an effective one term president than a two term failure. He should put his money where his mouth is.

I make these observations with, and in full knowledge of, the reality that all of this is nothing new under the sun. I recall my dad, 1903-1970, wondering if America would survive the hypocrisy of his day.

I'm aware that my four sons are not all that worked up about what is going on, mostly because
they are attending to those perennial challenges we all face, getting and maintaining a job, doing our best as a husband and father, or wife and mother, enjoying and getting along with our friends who are probably politically like minded.

But, once again it seems that we will have to make a choice of least of all evils.
The way politics is done, really good, honest people are wise enough to eschew political office.


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