Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Calling Out Netanyahu Over His 1967 Borders Tirade

Here's Juan Cole's straight talk about Netanyahu's tirade over Obama's declaration that the 1967 Borders, with land swaps, needs to be the basis for establishing a Palestinian state.

This man needs to be put in short pants by Obama. Unfortunately the US Congress gave him several standing ovations when he addressed that body today.

Here's Glenn Greenwald's sad tale about that.

Follow the money is still the operative perspective.

Our elected officials act like they were elected by the far right citizens of Israel. How did we get ourselves into this predicament? More importantly how can we get ourselves out of this predicament, that the tribe, as the Jewish magazine Tablet refers to Jews, representing just three or four percent of American citizens(depends on who one asks) can dictate foreign policy for America?

As I've said several times over the past few years, I am not an anti-semite, but I am an anti-Zionist, in the sense that the far right Likud sect of Israel is what passes for Zionism today.

More accurately, I am anti-bully of any stripe, and I believe Netanyahu and his henchmen are bullies. All bullies need to be stood up to. That won't happen with members of Congress because it would require too many of them to have the guts to confront these bullies.

I have been heartened recently to observe Obama demonstrating a stiff spine. I hope he will not back down on this, and, hope beyond hope, I don't want him to veto any upcoming UN declaration establishing a Palestinian state based on the '67 borders with agree upon land swaps.

As long as our politicians need $millions in campaign funds which AIPAC and it's kind are happy to provide as bribes, and as long as getting elected and re-elected matters more to politicians than honesty and integrity, we'll be stuck in this predicament.

Where are the real American statesmen? Continuing to support Israeli occupation of seized Palestinian land is not a position which honest American politicians would countenance.

Unfortunately, America is occupying Afghanistan now, and has been for a decade.

Hypocrisy abounds.


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