Monday, May 2, 2011

Two Speeches on One Event

Here is one speech on the killing of OBL. This one by President Obama.

And here's another, this one by Chris Hedges.

Can they be reconciled? Is one right and the other wrong; if so which is which? Are they both right;
if so how can that be?


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Anonymous said...

Chris Hedges seems overly dramatic and just full of himself at times but he brings up some good points. It’s sad that the state of humanity is; that some of us get so worked up over this or that idea that someone gets murdered as a result. Wouldn’t it be better if we worked together for a something positive?
For instance what if if Bin Laden was known for building schools and helping poor children? Who would speak ill of him then?
Bin Laden was clearly a psychopath of the worst sort. The Muslim cloak that he wore was just a cover for a hideous little monster of a man. The truly irreconcilable thing is that a whole lot of people have had nothing better to do than be avid supporters of his sickness.

Thanks for all you do.
Old Dude