Saturday, July 30, 2011

First, Let's _______All The Fanatics

I was going to target the Zealots, but decided against it because its definition referred to a group of early Common Era Jews. I don't want to go there.

Nevertheless I can't help but think of the fanatics in our political system as zealots, whether sectarian or secular.

Here's how my online dictionary defines zealot. Note that the word fanatic is a synonym.

Here's how that dictionary defines fanatic. Note the words "extreme" and "uncritical".

I left the verb word blank in the title of this post. Why? Because I was tempted to quote the Bard on what he suggested we do with lawyers.

I abhor capital punishment, and resist using the word "kill", even though I suspect that the Bard might have been using that word metaphorically, to get rid of or isolate what he viewed as the pernicious influence of the lawyers of his day.

What word would you choose to fill in that blank? "Vote them out of office" is not
an option in the solution of today's crisis.

Your word


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