Thursday, July 7, 2011

Orin Hatch: The Poor Should Do More

Redefining Out-of-Touch, Cynicism, Hypocrisy and just plain meanness.

Here's Orin Hatch's answer to the debt problem.

It's breathtakingly ____________.
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In a democracy we have to trust that the overall opinions of its citizens, as measured by
their votes, will be good for the democracy. I'm actually pleased that statements like this
one from Orin Hatch are made public. To the extent that this dinosaur represents the GOPhers,
surely decent people will reject him and them at the polls.


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Old Dude said...

Orin Hatch and many others in Congress are clearly out of touch with the Ameica that I know. Why is it that our congress will fight like demons to protect the "Unbelievably Rich" from paying more taxes; Then turn around and try their best to cut any support away from the poor, the unemployed, and the struggling middle class. It is clear that the "Vote" of the rich man outweighs the vote of regular folks- by a lot.

Old Dude