Monday, September 19, 2011


Eugene Robinson wrote this column in the Washington Post.

Pay special attention to his comment about the
"yeah"  reaction to Dr. Ron Paul's initial response to a question
about who pays for health care.

Good doctors try to heal folks. I guess a Libertarian doctor lives
up to his Hippocratic Oath to Do No Harm by doing nothing.

This is just one of many examples which are out there for all to see.

The far right GOPhers, some of whom hide behind their
Libertarian mores, are all about themselves, and take no
responsibility for, let alone ownership of, the needs of the unfortunates in our society.

They must think  that high  wire performers should work without
a safety net,  if they are to be consistent in their belief that  one
must count on  his or her own skills,  and  not look for help
when the unexpected occurs.

Their motto, not yet widely exposed, is  "I've got mine, get your own".

There are those of us who have a care about folks who have done all they
were raised to do but still have fallen on the kind
of hard times from which it is essentially impossible to recover on one's own,
in a society and culture which turns its back on those who can't
cut it.

If there is one word which might stand out for historians who
deign to understand enough of our era to write about it honestly,
that word would have to be "hypocrite".


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