Monday, September 19, 2011

"This is War"

The title of this post, "This is War" is the label which gave to its piece about Paul Ryan, the GOPher who is making a name for himself in GOPher politics.  The "War" refers to what Ryan calls Obama's proposal to tax the super rich; "Class Warfare".

One still valid axiom, which I can only paraphrase, admonishes us that if we ignore history we will be condemned to repeat it.  Well, that's a pretty lugubrious statement.  Why is it that we are condemned to repeat it?  Why is it not that we are blessed to repeat it?

Could it be because history, at least in the recorded sense, begins with the ability of humans to record it.
And what about humans?  Some think, as I do, that the worst thing that happened to Earth is the evolution which led to our species, homo sapiens. Why, because homo sapiens, us, have the ability to discern what is good or evil, and too often, choose evil, which, because it always results in horror and death, is the bain of all life on earth.

But back to Paul Ryan's throwing down the gauntlet in calling Obama's proposal to tax the super rich as a way of restoring health to America, Class Warfare. He actually advocates increasing taxes on the Middle Class.

To call that "out of touch" is too tame a response. 

Often, on this blog, I have likened our politicians  to
an elected mafia.  They are willing to hold hostage
those who can't and/or won't pay to buy them out.

The word is "extortion".


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Anonymous said...

Don't agree that evolution made a mistake by producing Mankind. There are a lot of terrific people working really hard in a good way. It is up to us to figure it out and not make bad choices. The future is not written in stone. Cheer the heck up!

By the way I came across an article on TruthDig that your readers may appreciate. It is about the unexploded bombs that are in Laos. We really should acknowledge how they got there and help in the effort to clean them up. That is about the least we could do.

Old Dude